SST and Mission Track together for 4.0 training in emergency management


SST and Mission Track together for 4.0 training in emergency management

New technologies and immersive 3D simulation environments have opened a new field for the training of personnel involved in emergency and response management.

SST and Mission Track have signed a collaboration agreement that facilitates the use of the Mission Track emergency coordination and management system in combination with the XVR Simulation emergency environment simulator in the CESIGEM training facilities in the SST Training Center.

In this way, large industries and specialized rescue and emergency unit personnel, as well as personnel with coordination, management or emergency intervention tasks, can train their response to different scenarios and possible events created dynamically by the instructor in virtualized environments of their own facilities, making use of the most advanced coordination, command and control systems of Mission Track.

The use of Mission Track in the SST Training Center allows organizations to conduct simulations using their own emergency plans and response procedures, helping to strengthen the knowledge of the personnel involved.

The evaluation of the results of the simulations is especially enriched with the capabilities of Mission Track for the automated recording of the data of all the performances, the routes and the communications of each actor involved in the exercise. The analysis of this data, together with the results of the simulation, is very useful for determining response times or finding areas for improvement in plans and procedures.

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