The AIQBE Risk Prevention Commission discovers Mission Track at the SST facilities


The AIQBE Risk Prevention Commission discovers MISSION TRACK at the SST facilities

The Risk Prevention Commission of the Association of Chemical, Basic and Energy Industries of Huelva (AIQBE) has paid a visit to the facilities of our partner SST, in which its members were able to see first-hand the CESIGEM emergency simulation center, and the functionalities of the MISSION TRACK system for emergency preparedness and response.

The manager of the AIQBE Rafael Romero highlighted the importance of having advanced technologies “that can be put at the service of security through the simulation that SST offers at CESIGEM, as well as the rigor of the Response Plans in emergency situations of MISSION TRACK ”.

Security is a key aspect in the industry, and advancing the digitization of emergency preparedness and management processes is essential to face the current stage of uncertainty marked by a global pandemic situation, in which it is necessary to have more advanced means to respond quickly, in a coordinated and well-founded way, to any event that may put people’s health or business viability at risk.

In this sense, the added functionalities of MISSION TRACK, such as MTBox that can act as a digital public address system, can be very useful to keep all personnel informed, regardless of their location, of indications or guidelines for action in relation to prevention or response to events related to COVID-19.

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