Security Surveillance Rounds on Mission Track

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Security Surveillance Rounds on Mission Track

Mission Track allows the management and control of Security Surveillance Rounds, in a complementary way, independently from the management of the Emergency Plans, its main functionality.

Among the advantages of using Mission Track for the management and control of Surveillance Rounds, the following can be highlighted:

  • No installation is required at the control points (cards and readers).
  • Due to the above, the modification of the Surveillance Rounds and their control points, if necessary, is immediate, from the Mission Track Web App.
  • The Security Director can directly monitor the performance of each of the Surveillance Rounds, as well as their results.
  • The Security Director can activate unplanned Surveillance Rounds, to respond to any type of situation or suspicion that makes them consider it convenient.
  • The Security Director has complete records of the Surveillance Rounds, which can be used for the purposes of demonstrating compliance, or for data analysis and security improvement.

To manage the Surveillance Rounds from Mission Track, we will register an additional “virtual” Center to the Work Center of the Emergency Plan, which we will dedicate exclusively to the management and control of the Surveillance Rounds.

This additional Center, which we could call “Surveillance Rounds”, will be configured as follows:

  • Emergencies. We register an Emergency for each type of Surveillance Round: periodic, unplanned, etc., in order to group them at our convenience and depending on the event that starts each Surveillance Round.
  • Procedures. We register a Procedure for each type of Round: perimeter, internal, installation X, etc., depending on the different Surveillance Rounds that we have established in our security procedures.
  • Steps of the Procedure. In each Procedure of each Surveillance Round, we define its configuration, its trajectory and the control points. Likewise, for critical control points, interactions can be established to be carried out by the Security Guard (check, report, photo, etc.), depending on the control and supervision needs defined for each Surveillance Round.
  • Personnel. We register as Mission Track users those responsible for the coordination and control of the Surveillance Rounds and the Security Guards in charge of carrying them out. We assign those responsible for controlling the Security Rounds as Coordinators of the Emergencies that we have defined, and the Security Guard as users of the Procedures, organized into Teams.

With this configuration of the Center “Surveillance Rounds” in Mission Track, we will be able to:

  • Activate the Surveillance Rounds planned by the person in charge of the Surveillance team or by the Security Guard /s in charge of carrying it out, who will immediately receive the applicable procedure.
  • Activate unplanned Surveillance Rounds by the Security Director, or the person responsible for the coordination and control of the Surveillance Rounds, which will send the Security Guard /s in charge of carrying it out the applicable procedure, depending on of the Surveillance Round type activated by the Security Director.

As in any Mission Track activation, all the actions carried out by the personnel involved may be monitored online by the responsible personnel, subsequently recording them (user, action, time, geoposition, and result of the controls), which will serve as evidence of the conduct of the Surveillance Rounds, and as a source of data for their analysis and improvement.

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