Mission Track Incorporates New Features in its Latest Version

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Mission Track Incorporates New Features in its Latest Version

After a year 2020 of significant development and deployment, at Mission Track we started 2021 incorporating new functionalities, the result of a constant dialogue with our users, which provides valuable feedback. These functionalities, which are already available in the latest version, are mainly aimed at improving the coordination and management of operational teams:

  • Change of Coordinator during the emergency: According to design principles, to guarantee the coherence of the information flows, Mission Track does not allow changes to the configuration once an emergency has been declared, including changes in the roles. However, this new functionality allows the user who is coordinating an emergency to have the possibility to stop doing so, so that another coordinator can take their place. This new functionality is especially useful in those cases in which, for example, the incumbent coordinator was not available at the beginning of the emergency, and his position was initially assumed by his substitute, and later they became available. It is also useful in long-term emergencies, in which it is necessary to give relief to allow the personnel coordinating the emergency to rest.
  • Activate or deactivate the participation of members in an Emergency Response Team: In line with the previous change, now members of an Emergency response team can join the team first and deactivate their participation later, for example, to take a break, and then join in again. This new functionality is especially useful for management and the emergency coordinator to know at all times how many members of each of the response teams are really available and performing the tasks specified in the procedures assigned to them.
  • Centre Chat: In addition to the individual chats and the intervention team chat, a center chat has now been added, in which all users participating in the emergency are present and through which they have the possibility of receiving global messages from management and communicate with each other.
  • New functionalities in the Chat: Also, and with regard to the improvements of the Chats, new and interesting functionalities have been incorporated that make them more operational. For example, they now offer the possibility of copying the content of a message to the clipboard, forwarding a message from one chat to another, and deleting messages already sent to the chat.

From Mission Track, we will continue to improve our solutions, and implementing new functionalities, always aiming to respond to the needs of our users.

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