Mission Track Contributes to Improving Safety in Algerian Natural Gas Facilities


Mission Track Contributes to Improving Safety in Algerian Natural Gas Facilities

With the start of this new year 2021, we are finalizing the implementation of the Mission Track system in Algerian natural gas compression, transport and reception facilities, which will contribute to improving the preparation and early response to any incident or emergency situation that might occur.

The characteristics of natural gas mean that its handling and transportation (sometimes with pressures that exceed 200 bar) must be carried out in facilities that have the highest degree of intrinsic safety, in order to prevent or alleviate the fact that incidents that sometimes lead to serious emergencies may occur.

Mission Track‘s functionalities make it especially useful for the coordination, command and control – centralized from a crisis cell – of emergencies that could arise in geographically distant or isolated centers (even on different continents).

In this way, Mission Track allows the integration of information from the different operational teams to have a global vision of the theater of operations and the progression of the emergency, and to share this information in real time with these teams.

To this end, the natural gas facilities that already have Mission Track are in a position to provide a faster, more efficient and safer response to any incident or emergency that may arise.

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