Main Advantages

Facilitates the identification & notification of incidents
On many occasions, people who observe emergency situations are delayed, or fail to notify them, either because they doubt that they really constitute an emergency, or because they do not know how and to whom notify them.
Improves deployment & emergency response
When an emergency is declared, it is very important that the intervention teams apply the planned response actions as soon as possible. However, response plans are usually in formats that hinder their operation.
Empowers emergency training
The effectiveness of emergency plans and procedures is strongly conditioned by training of personnel who must implement them.


The Mission Track system is a tool to help emergency response management, based on mobile technology. Available both in the form of a web and mobile application, its users have the ability to alert of all kinds of circumstances. Those responsible for managing these situations may do so in real time, coordinating all those users who must intervene to solve the crisis. Its functionalities make it especially suitable for the training of personnel through the performance of drills, enriching the subsequent analysis of the results, thanks to the recorded data of all activities and communications.
Any user can alert of an emergency situation within their center.
The coordinator can receive photographs and information to assess the emergency.
If necessary, the coordinator can activate the planned response plans.
Response and Report
Each member of the intervention teams receives the sequence of action.
The web application allows you to follow and control the course of the emergency in real time.
The coordinator can communicate with the members of the intervention teams, and these with each other.
Facilitates the availability of data for analysis, evaluation and improvement.
The system's characteristics facilitate the performance of drills.

Application Sectors

The Mission Track system is useful in a wide variety of activity sectors. Where an emergency situation may occur, in which an intervention team must be coordinated, Mission Track will undoubtedly be of great help to all the personnel involved. Supported by the MTBox tool, the system will also be able to assist with the evacuation of all personnel and clients not involved in the intervention.

Logistic Infrastructures
Industrial Locations
Educational Centers
Hotel Facilities
Shopping Centers

Our Partners

The best way to set up the Mission Track system in your organisation is through our official partners. They will be responsible for customising Mission Track including your organisation’s plans in the system, making them operational and effective, and instructing the personnel involved in your organisation in the use of the tool.

Mission Track Ingeniería y Sistemas S.L. It is a software development company, not being among its purposes the realisation of advisory or consulting activities in the plans that may be included in the Mission Track system. If your organisation carries out advisory or consulting activities in the areas of knowledge of any of the plans that may be included in the Mission Track system, you can offer this system to your clients by previously becoming an official partner of the Mission Track company.



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